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Now, in legal documents seen by TMZ, Sozahdah has accused Guzman of parking in front of her house and 'sprinkling a weird substance' in her yard.She also claims Guzman, 34, has been harassing her by text and bad-mouthing her and other family members.For this very special tour our old friend Joe Hennon will be re-joining OMNIA with his amazing magical dadgad-guitar playing bringing back the old-school vibe of our original Pagan Folk Musick (like you can hear in the songs we recorded on the genre defining albums: "Crone of War" , "Pagan Folk" and "Alive!")Don't worry if Life get's you down,'cause all these mutants make you frown One day their GREED will turn to NEEDTo reap the STORM they sowed the seed Be happy, humans won't last long Let Nature fill your heart with song Keep close to your heart, that which you hold dear Together we're strong, there's nothing to fear One thing is forever sure: Nothing is Sacred ..Nature Greenthingz and Love Stenny It's Samhain/Halloween...

See full summary » Darius Lovehall is a young black poet in Chicago who starts dating Nina Moseley, a beautiful and talented photographer.

Guzman denies the allegations and says she hasn't seen Sozahdah since early 2017, according to her rep.

A judge granted the restraining order and Guzman most not come within 50 yards of Sozahdah.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday Sozahdah gave her side of the story insisting that she's the victim.

She wrote: 'you’re spooked you will be further exposed in your child support/custody hearing so you want to assassinate my character and use scare tactics threatening me and my family so I don’t testify.'This comes one day after TMZ reported that Guzman took out a restraining order against Sozahdah on Monday after allegedly receiving death threats from her as well as hints that she wants to kidnap Royalty.

While trying to figure out if they've got a "love thing" or are just "kicking it," they hang out with their friend, talking about love and sex.

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