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Twitter—inspired by the text message—is all about immediacy and mobility, and so is Dorsey.He carries no briefcase or folder, and has no desk at work. A ride costs two dollars, but Dorsey has a monthly pass, so the actual price, he told me on a recent commute, is closer to a dollar seventy-five. He used to follow his bus ride with a pleasant twenty-minute walk down Mission to the San Francisco Chronicle Building, where Square rented office space; now his commute ends with a short ride on a Muni train to Square’s new headquarters, which have a panoramic view of the city. It carries him nearly from one side of San Francisco to the other—down California Street almost to Market. If I took another bus, it’d be stopping.” The offices of Square, his mobile payment-processing service, just moved.

One piece of the mosaic was provided by a tweet from President Barack Obama’s account: “Something special is happening in Austin tonight.”Late last year, Twitter, at Dorsey’s urging, bought Vine, which allows the user to attach a short video—six seconds or less—to Twitter posts. “That was the first time I really saw Vine in action at an event like that,” Dorsey said.He commemorated the purchase with a lofty tweet: “ ‘I need the sea because it teaches me.’—Pablo Neruda.” Dorsey says that he is less interested in individual poems than in “getting something down to its essence, the economy of words.” He is a techno aesthete in the manner of Steve Jobs: Dorsey, too, is a college dropout, a taker of long walks, and a guy whose father liked to tinker.And, just as Jobs, with his Issey Miyake turtlenecks, tried to embody Apple’s sleek functionalism, Dorsey’s tastes are self-consciously in synch with the design of Twitter.They also disseminated a picture indicating that Texas Republicans had not brought the bill to a vote until after a midnight deadline.Dorsey, who has 2.4 million followers, retweeted some of the images.“Constraint inspires creativity” is one of his credos.

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