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To be honest, I just forgot about the thing.” So you can imagine his surprise when a friend of his in Chicago sent him a screen grab of a Nerve page that prominently features Ben’s face and dating profile in a sidebar ad.

He then began trying to figure out how Nerve could get away with using his photo in their ads: When I signed up, they didn’t make it clear (AT ALL) that my face and profile could be used as advertising imagery.

And while I’d expect this to happen with networks like Facebook and Google , an online dating site? While I personally don’t care, given the stigma that sometimes exists with online dating, why would Nerve consider embarrassing its users?

We agree with Ben that this sort of feature needs to be both obvious and opt-in only.

It has raised a total of million from Khosla Ventures, RRE Ventures, and ff Venture Capital.

But lots of people with epilepsy fall in love, have long-term relationships, or get married. Lots of people worry that they will get excited and have a seizure during sex. We’ve got your covered with our checklist and Lauren’s advice.

How About We plans to relaunch Nerve with new design and content in the coming weeks.

The media network will also create more native, sponsored, and display advertising opportunities for all three of How About We’s products. It claims its online dating community now has 2.2 million users and its properties reach 16 million visitors a month.will become one of four online publications in How About We’s new media network along with The Date Report — How About We’s existing “news” site for dating, love, and ‘singledom’.How About We has also created two new media properties for the network called Swimmingly and Famously, about couplehood and celebrities, respectively.But that doesn’t mean you necessarily want your photo being used in an ad for the dating site.And yet this is exactly what happened to Ben, who writes on his Tumblr that he’d “signed up for a profile a few months ago, and stopped using it after about a week because of it’s neutered functionality, and the fact that it seemed like diet OKCupid.How About We takes a different approach — its goal is to keep people around, no matter what stage of the relationship they are in.

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