Nelly denies dating ashanti


WOMEN learn to expand your horizons and independence.We live in a world that is different from the 50's its ok to get married after 30. I have been applying everything that you said ever since I graduated college. Marriage and kids may or may not happen in my life but I'm DEFINITELY not gonna stress out if doesn't happen.5 days arrive your home or you ur friends’ adress by EMS, DHL, UPs click my link under here! So maybe that's why Nelly addressed black women, not to mention he may prefer black women over any other [email protected]#$%^&*(@#$%^&*&^%$#@#$%^& I think Nelly had some valid points. I think a lot of you need to ease up and listen to what he's saying.

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If they weren't they did a damn good job of looking like a couple. So basically he thinks women are supposed to be like Ashanti and spread their legs and let a man drop that load then go on and do it do somebody else? Women don't care about no "society" women care about a man who will respect them and treat them right. That was an issue for me for years because I had to stand on my own for years... Corporate dudes have taken it a step further though. Nelly is Blk women are too worried about what "society" says instead of focusing on our own true feelings & desires.

Nelly hit up WGCI in Chicago this week to chat it up. To each his own." my name is joy ,i am a young lady, i saw ur profile and i have interest in u send u email so that i will give u my pic and tell u more about me if u reply to me at this my email ([email protected]) Jill - I highly disagree with you. Traveling the world, working like a maniac and truly sleeping alone night after night gets stale. I'm one of those women who been all over the world .. Sometimes we need people around us that will be with us til death does us part. Why wouldn't someone want to grow old with their children.. He loved me when I was small, overweight and petite again. I would say alot of men are silly because they don't look at the women's heart.

And he gets surprisingly defensive about his "non" relationship with Ashanti. And here's what he had to say: "This is just my opinion. I'm not saying he doesn't exist, he just has to exist for you. Kenya, Spain, All of the Caribbean, Brazil, UK, Greece.. I fell for the independent, self sufficient, you came in alone/leave alone... Having kids at 40 isn't fun when you are 60 when their 20.. Even if she is overweight she could be the best thang that happened to you.

Women don't give a EFF about height & looks & money.. I'm the big bread winner in our family BUT he's the man through and through and he takes good damn care of me and our daughter... i've noticed how hard it has been for me to adjust to letting him do things for me or give me advice. its just that ive been on my own for awhile and now, i keep thinking of how my very own father told me "let him be a man". And some people can, if not really thinkiing about it carefully can think this means being subservient and its not! Thats the problem with a majority of females out here now, they seek validation for external sources. Nobody is holding a gun to her head, she can be with another guy that will love her today if she chooses. Stay out of others' business and get in the gym and REALLY workout and lose some weight, stop having out of wedlock kids, stop thinking everything revolves around you, stop telling all of your business in the street, stop getting tatted up like sailors and wanting a corporate man to take you places with him where his coworkers will see he is dating a walking graffiti, and take care of your REAL hair. Let's face it the majority of black women are overweight.

I thought they made a nice looking couple and always hoped they would get married. You were a coon 10 years ago and you still a coon today. My man does not expect me to be barefoot and pregnant and truth be told.. that's just how things have been for me but now that i have this wonderful, sweet and caring man. He had no problem with any of the women he was dating, he just didn't have to choose so he didn't. It use to be that when a man found a good woman he tried to lock it down. Its hilarious that it is more important to most of the females on here that he claim her for their satisfaction than for him to be a good man to her for her satisfaction. To me that is worth more than any degree or anything that money can buy! Many black men do not want to date full figured women.

Sometimes we women settle for ish we know we don't like and just lose our selves to some buster azz nicca, that don't even deserve our love.

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