Naughty flirt request


Any excuse to catch a few rays but hey - a girl needs a little protection so I'm careful to make sure I get well greased up and creamy for you. ISSUE 16 - 'Corn Dolly' This update has a total of 60 photos During a quiet afternoon stroll in the countryside I found the farmer had left this wonderful hay bale for me to play around, in front of and over.

I had great fun in this farmer's field and back came the urge to abandon myself to nature.

my cleaning day but I did have great fun, I know I should have been cleaning the floor but these bubbles were making me really horny. I was soaking wet but what a clean Abigirl I was when I'd finished! ISSUE 12 - 'Bean Feast' This update has a total of 62 photos & 1 movie on my camera All those saucy dare me? See how far I go in the 'Bean Feast' movie on my Movies Page...***BONUS ISSUE 2*** - 'Smoke Rings' This update has a total of 40 photos & 1 movie on my camera This is a special bonus issue for all you lovely Members. ember to sit back and enjoy the 'Smoke Rings' movie on my Movi! I just love the feel of tight rubber against my skin..makes me feel so sexy and in control Don't forget 'Divine Dominatrix' on the Movies Page...

ISSUE 14- 'Ripping Yarns' This update has a total of 53 photos & 1 movie on my camera I got lots of requests for Abigirl to be a naughty schoolgirl but getting my home work done can be so boring.

Oblivious to any predators I enjoyed baring my moist pussy in the Autumn sun...

but did you spot the paw print on my arse cheek left by a passing tiger!!

It was a great view on top of the hay bale - hope you think so too! 3*** - 'Gypsy Girl' This update has a total of 34 photos I coul dn't quite decide what I wanted to be - gypsy girl or leather chick but I did fancy spicing things up with a little help from my red battery-powered friend...

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Watch as I find a way to satisfy my lusty desires in 'Ripping Yarns' on the Movies Page... pdate has a total of 70 photos They say 'only mad dogs and english men go out in the midday sun! but since we don't get a lot of sun here in the UK, when we do, you can be sure I'm out there taking full advantage of the chance to let my hair down and chill out.

ISSUE 8 - 'Hotdog' This update has a total of 44 photos & 1 movie on my camera You know how much I love to play but I also love good food. s huge pork sausage felt so real I just couldn't help but go a! There is an MPG of this issue on my Movies Page ISSUE 9 - 'Riverside' This update has a total of 60 photos Being a piscean I just love the water and couldn't wait to jump in, strip off and cool down in this typical English river.

See me give myself a good 'porking' with this huge, juicy sausage. It was so liberating to feel the river water splashing over my pussy that soon I was very wet in more ways than one...

Today - let's pretend I'm your blonde hussy...brazenly teasing you with my long legs.

Oh - I love the feeling of this large inflatable PVC chair thru the f!

ISSUE 18 - 'Kissing Gate' This update has a total of 65 photos As I strolled home down a country footpath I came across this little gate which I couldn't resist exploring! This one is especially for all you lovers of stockings and suspenders.

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