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He turned down the AC to save money and then took off his shirt to be more comfortable.Now he has found that he enjoys just being naked at home.One of Omar Mateen's victims was posting videos to social media at the moment he fought his way into the club and opened fire.

So I lounge around naked playing video games with my wife. The connection between self and Universe is much stronger and brings more clarity when you are naked. I was in gymnastics and a cheer leader so was in great shape, I was laying down and... I like being nude anywhere I can, if it's legal or safe. He fell down in some mud and this mom told him to take off the muddy clothes outside as she did not want to get mud in the house. After the initial novelty of living with a naked woman wore off he got funny with me... Kiss, Biene (don't forget to visit my tumblr photo blog - see profile infos) I live in the upstairs suite of a house. I made a pot of coffee and took off my nightgown to take a shower. Anyway he went away for the week on business and gave me a key to his house. He knew my views on naturism before we moved in together and was more than happy that I was naked all the time at home. My son or my friends love it while I'm naked at home or at the lake (enjoying the sun).But in the final video Amanda was recording herself when more than a dozen shots are heard. Many survivors have said clubgoers initially thought the shots were part of the music DJs were playing -- so they didn't react immediately. They live in a secluded location so it gives me lots of opportunity to be naked outside...

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