Myspaces new dating site


The full name and the username of the account holder can be found from a simple google.

The more information you provide, the quicker you will be able to regain access to your account.” These seem like conflicting messages to me, but I assume Myspace are referring to the additional fields like city or state.Myspace then forwards you to a reset password page and kindly reminds you to update any other information associated with your account. Notice the “*” indicating the minimum required information to recover your account.This is listed next to name, username, current email address, email address on account and date of birth.I wrote to Myspace describing my findings and the impact.After almost three months I received almost no response from Myspace, except an automated one.Myspace may no longer be relevant as a social media site, but its treatment of security is as relevant as ever. Try to imagine a time when Facebook and Twitter weren’t the top social media websites in use.

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