My teacher is intimidating


We are trained to recognize the signs of our children being bullied, such as moodiness, withdrawing from family and friends, not wanting to talk about school, anxiety, and loss of appetite.We are quick to run to administration and teachers when we fear that our child is being bullied.We hear about cyberbullying often in the news as well.Students are going online and bullying other students using Facebook, text messages or other social technologies.

We hear a lot in the news and in schools about bullying.

Two Palm Beach Lakes teachers have alerted Superintendent Robert Avossa that they believe their principal and the area superintendent are harassing and intimidating students who spoke out about their lack of a geometry teacher at a school board meeting earlier this week.

They also repeat claims the students made after school Thursday that Principal Cheryl Mc Keever told the geometry students they don’t have a teacher because they ran off the job candidate.

There are many things that older students can do in order to take advantage of the teacher, not only in the classroom but also in their everyday lives.

This can cause teachers to fear their jobs, and fear going out in public.

In many cases, high-school students and their parents are intentionally intimidating the teachers when they are not satisfied with a grade, or when the need for discipline arises.

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