My daughter is dating my ex


It's easy to want to impress them and be that cool, new person in their life, but they need the structure, seriousness, and guidance that only adults can provide. (Even when it totally doesn't feel like it.) Lay the Smack Down Early My boyfriend was a supreme joker, so it came naturally that his child was, too. I was afraid of p*ssing off my boyfriend, but he was fine with it. The boy was a little pins-and-needles with me for a few hours afterward, but he soon got over it and life went back to normal. Don't try this move too soon, but don't wait too long, either. It's one thing to have your boyfriend pee with the door open, but it's another thing when you're sitting on the couch and realize you can hear his kid peeing down the hall.

My 16-year-old daughter and her boyfriend broke up three months ago (after 1.5 years).It seems to me that she doesn't want to make herself any more vulnerable to someone who has displayed little concern about her feelings. When she feels stronger you can suggest that she either talk to her friend about her feelings or write her a letter.I have worked with many teens in similar situations who have found it easier to write down their feelings than to talk about them. Keep on supporting your daughter and know that over time your daughter should feel better. For more articles like this see my website: response to the daughter's situation with her friend going to the school homecoming with her recent ex.It's not fair to the kids if you aren't going to stick around.I recommend waiting at least 3 months before the introduction.When my son was young I explained the emotional maturing aspect to him when he was struggling in HS; he said it helped him get past the frustration.

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