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When we returned to Ohio, I watched a news story of how six children witnessed the innocent deaths of their parents by our troops.

I feel for the children and the soldiers; That's the reality and I don't care what ball you attend. While waiting 90 minutes in the security line, I heard a man loudly proclaim “The f’ kers better get used to it because we are f’ing in charge for the next four years.” I spoke with a young woman from Nebraska who was here with a group of journalism students.

But as he moved against Iraq, alienated our allies and moved the economy toward record deficits I became disenchanted with his policies.

I hope for the sake of this country the next four years go by quickly.

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A general patdown for weapons, and the police were asking "are you carrying any weapons?

Since I work from to and not home until PM, I got to watch re-runs of the Inaugural Activities especially the swearing-in and the speech at CSpan.

I came from a third world country and immigrated to this beautiful land of the FREE and where democracy is practiced at its fullest context.

I know we have the freedom of speech and the freedom to disagree; but I truly believe that on Inaguration Day we should put those disagreements aside.

Regardless of whether or not we agree with the choice that was made, we should respect the OFFICE of President.

" Amazingly, some people answered yes to that question.

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