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The W3C has published guidelines for mobile content, and is addressing the problem of device diversity by establishing a technology to support a repository of device descriptions.

W3C is also developing a validating scheme to assess the readiness of content for the mobile web, through its mobile OK Scheme, which will help content developers to quickly determine if their content is web-ready.

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Additionally, the same 2017 VNI report forecasts that average access speeds will increase by roughly 3 times from 6.8 Mbit/s to 20 Mbit/s in that same time span with video comprising the bulk of the traffic (78%).

The distinction between mobile Web applications and native applications is anticipated to become increasingly blurred, as mobile browsers gain direct access to the hardware of mobile devices (including accelerometers and GPS chips), and the speed and abilities of browser-based applications improve.

Traditionally, the World Wide Web has been accessed via fixed-line services on laptops and desktop computers.

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The shift to mobile Web access has accelerated since 2007 with the rise of larger multitouch smartphones, and since 2010 with the rise of multitouch tablet computers.

A June 2011 research on mobile development found mobile Web the third most used platform, trailing Android and i OS.

In an article in Communications of the ACM in April 2013, Web technologist Nicholas C.

A mobile broadband modem "tethers" the smartphone to one or more computers or other end user devices to provide access to the Internet via the protocols that cellular telephone service providers may offer.

According to Buzz City, mobile internet increased 30% from Q1 to Q2 2011.

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