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Getting frisky in the waves, surfing side by side, before enjoying a romantic picnic - it's clear Hilary Duff is head over heels for her new man.The Younger star was pictured for the first time with her new beau as they enjoyed a relaxed break at the beach in Malibu over the scorching weekend. "I feel really lucky just to watch him every day grow and become a little person with his own opinions and his own ideas. He's the sweetest little spirit and we have so much fun. I'm 5'2" so I'm kind of surprised I have such a big child." "I wouldn't say we have a cordial relationship, I would say we have a really strong friendship and a lot of love for one another," she says bluntly. It's a riot, but also I did really meet a few normal people, and I go on dates, and it's nice, but I'm not super-focused on that." One thing Hilary is focused on is working out, and obviously, it shows.In bed at night, reading books, all the simple things are really the ones I cherish the most. it's a great age." "I was like, 'What am I gonna do with a boy? "But now we roughhouse and wrestle, and it's the most fun, and I'm exhausted by, like, every single night. "We're a family, and we're always going to be a family." "I'm so busy right now promoting this record and shooting the videos, and obviously being a mother is my number one job," she explains. "I train at a gym about three times a week, and I've been doing this new class that's a Versa Climber class and I'm obsessed with that," she reveals to ET about her regular routine. I like to be outdoors and switch it up and not let my workouts get stale." "I needed a break.Back on the sand the pair chatted intently as they sunbathed.

Once the on-screen awkward preteen who had spaghetti thrown at her and begged her mom to go bra shopping, the 29-year-old has blossomed into a star not only beloved by #90skids, but also by tons of suitors. ) Because the “Younger” star is legit the coolest girl on the planet (and because Hollywood is a town made up of larger-than-life dating rumors), of course the actress would land herself in a “Oh my god, is that Hilary Duff’s new boyfriend? Per photographs of Sandvik and Duff’s weekend rendezvous, the two played in the ocean, cracked open a couple beers, surfed, and, oh yeah, made out about a bajillion times. They played cards on the beach, hugged and kissed each other a lot. In the past year, Duff has had two short-lived romances.

Prior to Koma Hilary dated personal trainer Jason Walsh, 41, for five months, but the two split in the autumn after being criticised for their choice of 'culturally inappropriate' Halloween costumes.

Jason was The Talk guest co-host's first relationship since her divorce from Comrie.

Whether lounging on towels, or canoodling as waves crashed around them, they had eyes only for one another.

Ely attended college in the California beach town of Santa Cruz, and is evidently an avid surfer.

Lizzie Mc Guire alum Hilary joined him on a board, with the two catching the same wave, before she wiped out.

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