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DC power tools (electric nut and screw drivers) do not require calibration unless the procedure that mandates it's use requires it.All equipment controlled in accordance with this procedure will be identified with a metrology asset number.The measure database lists the items which are controlled by this procedure.The measure table is accessed monthly, as a minimum, to identify equipment due for periodic calibration.Upon completion of calibration and providing the equipment is found satisfactory, it will be tagged with a calibration label (the only exception is in Section 3.8.1).This label will indicate the calibration date and the due date of the next inspection.(Inspection, Measuring, & Test Equipment) This procedure establishes the methods used to control electrical and mechanical instruments and tooling that are used for manufacturing, assembly, testing and inspection at YCNH.This procedure applies to all YCNH employees that make use of Inspection, Measuring, or Test Equipment.

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All equipment that is stored within the Metrology Cage (Met Cage) is considered out-of-service and does not require individual identification. More than 1 piece of test equipment may be used in combination to attain a test system.These fixtures include and are not limited to YCNH products.Alpha risk is a risk associated with the producer only.A calibration certificate is required in all cases where calibration is performed by an outside source. Also, samples must be either clearly marked as 'visual sample' or 'functional' sample.This certificate will include the following minimum information: Calibration adjustments, accessible from the outside of the equipment (other than zero/standardize) and access to internal adjustments are made tamper proof. If the unit is a functional sample the unit must pass a QA inspection.Equipment identified as "No Calibration Required" (NCR) requires no regular verification or maintenance.

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