Melissa molinaro and reggie bush dating

and Reggie even hopped a flight to London earlier this month to watch Melissa perform at a London nightclub.

The star is waging a war against Old Navy in a million lawsuit alleging its use of dark-haired singer-actress Melissa Molinaro in its commercials created confusion in the marketplace and violated her rights to her name and likeness. Yet, while Molinaro says she doesn’t know much about the court case, she does tell Fox 411 that replicating Kardashian wasn’t the aim of the campaign.

As Kardashian gets ready to walk down the aisle with Nfl star Kris Humphries, Bush is dating her lookalike Molinaro.

The couple were first spotted together at the Beverly Hills steakhouse 'Boa' several weeks ago, but friends insist the pair have been romantically involved since Christmas.

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It also will mean that Kardashian's lawyers won't call to testify members of the media who reported about Old Navy's marketing plans as well as members of the public who maybe weren't confused by the advertisement.

Kardashian followed other famous people, including Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Vanna White and Bette Midler, in bringing a lawsuit against an advertiser for misappropriating her personality.

This case, however, never reached any significant ruling before coming to a resolution. What the case did bring was a lot of personal drama.

Reggie Bush has only been dating his new Kim Kardashian-alike girlfriend for a few months ...

but TMZ has learned he's already traveled half-way around the world to prove his commitment.

She will next star in the forthcoming straight-to-Dvd movie 'Honey 2', a sequel to the original movie starring JESSICA ALBA.

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