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By their account there is no afterlife and you are no better than any other kind of animal. Here, along with a thorough introduction by Vittorio Messori, his stor...

Devoted to silence, prayer, and austere simplicity, the Carthusian monks guard their solitude jealously and rarely allow visitors to live with them.A sister of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, Léonie Martin (1863-1941) was one of the five daughters of Zélie and Louis Martin, who were canonized...In 1849 Emmeline Erle and her widowed mother move from sunny southern Europe to cold and grimy Birmingham, England.The gift of human sexuality allows us to choose, or not to choose, to participate in one form of God's creation.This book presents the understanding of human sexuality that divine revelation offers ... Chesterton presents a well-crafted and joyous work of political fantasy about a small group of rebels who rail against the government’s attempt to impose prohibition in England. Born and raised in Muslim Turkey, Derya Little wandered far and wide in search of her true home.Our Lady of Guadalupe is the most beloved symbol of Mexican Catholicism, and devotion to her is widespread in the USA.

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