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A man who had been receiving revealing photos from a woman through the Snapchat app thought he was meeting up with her for sex, but instead was robbed at gunpoint, stripped naked and beaten by the woman and other men, officials said.

The victim had been communicating with the woman through Snapchat for 2- to 3-years, according to documents filed in Worcester Central District Court.

According to Washtenaw County investigators, the man had been talking to the woman through the online app called

When he planned to meet her, she wasn’t alone."When he goes out to meet her, he thinks he's just going to meet her and there ends up being two people in the car,” said Lt. Jim Anuszkiewicz with the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office.

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A Los Angeles-area woman who was brutally assaulted by a man she met through Instagram is sharing her story in hopes that it'll be a cautionary tale to others. They went out drinking, as evidenced by several videos that Baker had posted of the two of them at a restaurant. So I look around and I see blood everywhere and my clothes everywhere.'When she looked at herself in the mirror, she saw that her face had been brutally beaten.'Oh my God. 'The brain, when it expands, has nowhere to go so it forces down – and that's what triggers the vomit action.The victim got into the backseat of the SUV and then things took a turn, because he told investigators there was someone hiding behind his row of seats."He starts assaulting him from behind and then the drivers gets in the backseat and starts assaulting him,” said Anuszkiewicz.The man was able to get out, but the pair of men continued to attack him, the took his cell phone and his wallet.The victim, India Ali, 32, first saw pictures of James Baker, 27, on Instagram.“He didn’t really look like a creep from his pictures. Brawl erupts between two passengers on flight to Los Angeles Her car and cell phone missing, she used the landline in the hotel room to call 911 and describe her predicament to cops.Justin Akeen Fedrick, 27, and Keon Dellshai Gordon, 26, are accused of kidnapping and sexually battering a woman on June 22 at a Clermont home, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

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