Malawi girl neked


She therefore expanded the scope of her netball clinics to include group-mentoring sessions, becoming a mentor and role model for the young girls she was training.

Through her dedication to uplifting the girl-child in Malawi, Mary has launched the Mary Waya Netball Academy.

When she met the younger guy, she was so besotted with him that she was willing to do anything for him, including allowing him to take her nude photos.

Average repetition rates for all grades are about 15 percent, and approximately 4 out of 10 children drop out at the primary level.

This is why Old Mutual has made a commitment to support her towards the success of the Mary Waya Netball Academy.

The group recognises the importance of helping others to achieve and build their dreams and wish Mary the greatest success in her new project.

When she started coaching, Mary developed a passion to train young girls, and in 2011 she nurtured her passion and started working with young girls to identify netball talent from grassroots level through netball clinics.

Working the young girls, Mary realised that there is a serious lack of mentorship support for young girls in Malawi.

In 2002 Mary had the opportunity to coach the Malawi U21 netball team.

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