Magwitch is portrayed as an intimidating


They think the new version of the Charles Dickens classic is “too dark, frightening and adult” to go any earlier.Viewers will see Magwitch (Winstone, 54) flee a prison ship and catch a terrified young Pip.The colonial discourse that is established throughout Victorian literature formulates the concept of the alternate self or other.Both Great Expectations and Jane Eyre contain colonial subtexts and to some extent further shape significant aspects of the cultural discourse of the British Empire.Bertha Mason is a product of colonial ventures; she is a commodity of curiosity, the racial other as it were.

The figure of the Creole is utilized by Bronte solely to illustrate how colonial ventures brought the Creole into being.

Additionally a Creole is distinguished and differentiated from the ‘authentic’ native, symbolizing multiple points of dislocation.

Bertha Mason, whose racial origins remain vague, is a character constructed and fashioned under these conditions.

His portrayal of convict Abel Magwitch was thought to be too scary for early evening viewing.

So bosses are broadcasting the three-parter after the 9pm watershed.

” (JE, p.347) By emphasizing the suggestion of intellectual inadequacy, primitivism and barbarity of the racial other, Bronte insists on the philosophical moral and intellectual difference between the racial other and the native self.

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