Macedonian hot sluts in sydney


Listen to their chant of "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi".

I am 62 and am teaching my grandchildren to rightly respect our various efforts in anything to the point of getting them to say the aussie ausse oi oi oi stuff. I have won money prizes for winning a couple of art exhibitions.

What I find most bizarre about Baird's comments is the reference to high-profile rape cases.

Yes, the cases do involve young Muslim men -- of Lebanese and Pakistani background -- raping teenage girls of European background. But pack rape has been an ugly element of this country's history since the earliest days of the colony, when males vastly outnumbered females.

And wouldn’t be happy if they had to move to another country (not because we think there aren’t beautiful girls everywhere, but the percentage here is simply remarkable…).

Except maybe to Argentina, since they are quite good with this ratio too, plus girls there are latinas 🙂And sure you’ll hear all the guys talking about this all the time…

The "surfies" have become iconic Australians and the swarthy, the fat, the scrawny, the generally different need not apply.

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