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And not to worry, we’ll make it as easy as possible.We combine our matchmaker’s intuition with the information and feedback we’ve gathered from you in our conversations: what’s important to you, what’s worked, what hasn’t. Our matchmakers are committed to knowing their clients, not just on paper, but on a true human level thanks to our regular interaction and communication with you." When our agent told them we run a dating service, the landlord said, "Okay, I think their business is too ‘advanced’."Bharati: What did they really mean? They didn't go so far, but they were just not very comfortable with us being on the same premises as the rest of their tenants. Some people were more open-minded and we showed them that we were professionals. The salesperson told us that we could put in an ad, but not multiple insertions. So it went out and the next day, we had a lot of calls from singles, but also a lot from other advertisers who asked us to advertise with them as well.Lim: The rest of their tenants were lawyers, bankers and management consultants. Bharati: Did you get the wrong kind of customers at first?It all starts with a phone call – a confidential conversation during which one of our dating specialists can answer your questions and give you more details about the It’s Just Lunch dating process. We’ll learn what you’re looking for in a potential partner, what’s worked for you in past relationships and – just as importantly – what hasn’t worked.We’ll ask about your relationship goals, personal interests, hobbies and more.It’s just that instead of saying "I do" to getting married, you’re saying "I do" to getting divorced. Then when I was at the bank, I realized that my banker colleagues who were all very eligible, were alone only because they didn’t have time to date.So I thought they would appreciate a matchmaking agency that catered to their needs and helped find them matches more efficiently.

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At first, the landlords were quite happy to show us around, but when it was time to sign the papers, they asked our agent, "So what actually does your client do? We contacted all the various papers and they said we could advertise in the classifieds, but not in the main paper because traditional matchmakers advertised in the classifieds. The newspapers said they were worried that people will complain because at that point, there wasn’t any service like this and I guess maybe at the back of their mind they were not very sure it was about. But fortunately for us, there was a newspaper that actually took the risk.

You actually have to write a legal letter to tell each other that.

Going to court and just seeing how people get divorced made me think it’s actually quite similar to getting married.

Our matchmaking team will arrange everything, including the time and place – and we’ll even make the confirmation call.

And if lunch dates don’t work for your schedule, no problem.

Once we’ve selected your match, we’ll call and share with you details about who we’ve chosen.

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