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We were incredibly honored on Sunday to hear from Dr. We all have giants in our lives, adversaries or strongholds that diminish our ability to live a full and free life.

Charles Stanley and Andy Stanley as they sat down with our Pastor Louie for a conversation on faith and faithfulness. Frozen in the grip of rejection, fear, anger, comfort or addiction, we lose sight of the promise God has for our lives....

In week three of our People of the Fine Print series, Pastor Louie Giglio reminds us to never count God out.

Just like Onesimus was brought from slave to brother, our circumstances, situations, or surroundings are never too certain that God can't use...

With everything going on in our world today, it's easy to find ourselves living trapped in fear.It was encouraging, challenging and hilarious watching these three share the... The problem is when the enemy takes that natural human reaction and twists and morphs it into a lifestyle or mindset of fear. In the first message from our new series, SYNC: Reconnecting Heart & Heaven, Pastor Louie Giglio reminds us that we are hard-wired for a connection and relationship with God, yet sometimes we feel disconnected or distant from Him. As best I can sort through my own muddled and messy thoughts, I think there are three things that really bother me about the worship music in many Evangelical Christian churches today:1. It’s not just that most of the lyrics are simple — as in easy to understand.One distinguishing mark of the worship music of centuries past is that it generally focused more on content than today’s simplisitc style. Songs like “Arise, My Soul, Arise”; “Immortal, Invisible”; “Rejoice, the Lord is King”; or even the simple “I Sing the Almighty Power of God” typified a depth of doctrine that taught us as it revealed the glory of our Lord.3. They’re all pulled from the latest Top 40 Worship channel. Most songs I hear in evangelical churches of late have been written in the last decade, if that. But once you went softer and slowed it down on the seventh time, it really began to resonate with my soul. Leave a comment to help point us all in the right direction as we seek to worship God in Spirit and in truth. Unfortunately, truth is not always welcome in the Christian church today.

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