Living off the grid dating

When we first moved here, I can't tell you how many miserable hours I waited in the cold and dark, with just candles & firelight until Mr. could get home and figure out what was going on out there with the solar system.Our solar system is away from the house, so in order to get it going again (with a gas generator or by making adjustments), we had to actually brave the winter night and elements. In the past few months, we have been blessed to be able to have set up a brand new solar system with excellent panels and nickel-ion batteries that are supposed to last 100 years---I won't be around to find out if that is true...for now, that is hunky dory dandy with me! The electrical set up in the house is similar to what you find in your typical on the grid city homes.

Off-Grid Energy Australia was founded by Hugh Driscoll and Sean Le Poidevin – with myself and our...

It seemed it was out for about 2/3 of the winter before we got our new system in. It's pretty wonderful, because it holds so much power it's like being in the city.

We now have a large, brand new and up-to-date system.

When my husband and I found our small homestead (just under 3/4 acre) a few years ago, here in the mountains of Southern Nevada, we were SO excited! It's in a beautiful place, the neighbors are generally like-minded and amazing people, and best of all---it's OUT of the city---about an hour to be exact.

Ironically, the one sticking point for us was that it was Off the Grid!

I know of one couple who only burns candle light for lighting! It seems it's different depending on who you talk with.

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