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“We did not want to portray messages that were decided or planned previously.

Outside the theater, a small exhibition of items belonging to each cast member with a description of the items’ significance gave the audience an opportunity to glance into their lives.It was an honor to work on this film with PINK and with these courageous individuals,” said Ghazareh during the premiere.With “Listen To Me,” Karine, Romik, Tsomak, Sevak, Mel, Vahan, Gayane, Armen, Karabina, and Elvira shatter the collective silence that surrounds the topic of LGBT people in Armenia, and challenge us all to come out for sensitive and meaningful discussion on love, identity, and human rights in Armenia and for LGBT people everywhere.The diversity of the storytellers and their experiences stand defiantly against the stereotypes and myths that surround public understanding of LGBT people in Armenia.Director Gagik Ghazareh said that one of the goals of the film was to capture the stories of its cast without altering what they had to say when they said it in front of the camera.Armenia’s LGBT community “came out” suddenly in 2012 when Armine “Tsomak” Oganesova’s bar, DIY, was firebombed overnight by a group of ultranationalists.

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