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Description: Use pumkins to blast the rocks which block you way to your opponent. Sri Lanka is a fabulous place - safe, friendly and remarkably hassle-free.Taking the train is a great & inexpensive way to get around, the train journeys are real cultural experiences and the most scenic routes will be highlights of your visit - in particular the wonderful journey from Colombo to Kandy and up into Tea Country and the coastal train ride from Colombo to Dutch colonial Galle.

Travel to or from Sri Lanka by sea from India Flights to Sri Lanka UK and most other western nationalities require a visa to visit Sri Lanka. Alternatively, UK residents can get a visa from the Sri Lanka High Commission in London,

It's not air-conditioned, so the side windows open, ideal for viewing & photography.

Don't expect any catering, so bring your own food & drink.

In the AFC car you are sealed in behind small and slightly grubby windows and you won't experience the journey fully.

You can't take decent scenery photos unless you nip to one of the inward-opening entrance doors.

Doors and windows usually remain wide open, the trains seldom exceed 50mph...

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