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Betterment combines the (slight) advantages of more advanced investing, with an even simpler experience than you would get with just buying shares of VTI.In exchange, they charge a fee that is quite a bit lower than the advantage they deliver (and at least 85% less than most financial advisers), so in my view it is a win/win way to invest.The bottom line is that you save on taxes today but end up with investments which have a lower cost basis.This means you’ll have more taxable gains when you eventually sell them But for many of us, this is years down the road in retirement when we have ditched the full-time salary and thus are in a lower tax bracket.

Or speculate in individual stocks and try to time the market.

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After almost four years of writing this blog and hearing from readers of all types, I find that the same question keeps coming up: “What is the single step I can do to get started in investing?

” With no knowledge at all, most people default to keeping their money in a savings account where it will earn them nothing.

Hey, my Betterment account [underperformed or overperformed] the US stock market! Welcome to your first two lessons on investing: How about that Tax Loss Harvesting?

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