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It is also Kyrgyzstan’s financial center, home to 21 commercial banks and a large number of industrial plants.Bishkek is much more than just a “place below the mountains” – as one of its possible namesakes proclaims.While not Kyrgyz, he is an example of the powerful resistence that Frunze encountered in Central Asia.

While the Russians experienced residual popular resistance from the various Kyrgyz tribes, a negotiated settlement with the “Kyrgyz Queen,” one of the leaders of the Kyrgyz tribes, stabilized Russia’s hold over the area.

Under the Khan of Kokhand, the Kyrgyz were first exposed to Islam.

The spread of Islam in this northern region, however, remained limited.

But Jul’s diverse population may well help explain Bishkek’s tradition of ethnic and religious tolerance.

After Jul was destroyed, the area remained lightly populated, mostly by those serving the travelers that came through along the Great Silk Road, one route of which passed through the area.

In 1825, a fortification was built under the Uzbek Khanate of Kokhand, as part of a greater campaign to conquer the fertile Chui Valley.

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