Is dwayne wade dating gabrielle union

That also means that if the couple has children, the lady of the house has to raise their kids alone during basketball season.

The weight of all that comes with being in the NBA, as well as the demands of the high-profile life can rip spouses apart.

The picture was allegedly posted immediately, so we can assume their encounter was in December based on the Instagram timeline.

Fast forward a month to January and Bria has posted yet another Instagram photo of her swollen belly posed in a manner suggesting that she is pregnant. We will all have to wait and see how this laundry is aired out. Cole has been silent on Twitter and has not responded publicly to the allegations in the media. Instead of following in the footsteps of Ludacris and Dwayne Wade, J.

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star Shaunie O'Neal married Shaquille O'Neal on Dec. The couple had four children during their relationship, two of which, Shareef Rashaun and Amirah Sanaa, were born before they got married.

Cole had popped the question to his main chick Melissa whom he met in 2003 while attending St. Well this news apparently did not go over well with his side piece Miss Bria. Cole’s engagement began to get around town, an i Phone photo of J.

Cole (or his body double) leaving a hotel room with a naked Bria’s legs in bed snapping the picture popped up on Instagram.

Word on the curb was that Bria was fuming with jealousy that J.

Cole had proposed to Melissa and not her, and thus she decided to put him on blast.

Now, of course, this alone does not mean that it is J. Many of us assume that side chicks have their own side flings going on with other dudes. So it looks like a double congratulations is in order, as J. Cole would have done better listening to Gabrielle Union’s advice she gave while promoting BET hit series Being Mary Jane when she told the fellas “throw away your own condoms” because apparently that is the new way side chicks are getting pregnant these days.

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