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If I was straight I would have the same desire to settle with someone.I've decided I would like to invest in a reliable gay matchmaking service..who do I decide to use? I'm not talking about the typical online gay sex sites like Gaydar etc., or the so called matchmaking sites such as / Gay Match Maker / My Partner etc..the biggest one i have found in ireland anyway is gaydar there doesnt seem to be any other big ones Can anyone suggest a reliable gay Matchmaking service?I'm utterly fed up trying to meet a soul mate in this country - it appear almost impossible to meet a solid stable gay guy who just wants to settle down into domesticity.

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Garda inquiries have revealed a previous collision at the same location where motorists escaped serious injury after they were impacted when using a sat nav on the same route.

(maybe this is boring for a lot of guys, reading this, but its what I always hoped for myself after I came out of the closet.

The reality has been so different and so disappointing.

Writing on Go Fund Me, Brenda Baker wrote that she is "proud" of her Irish heritage.

"Everyone in Ireland has taken amazing care of both Mom and Dad.

I don't really hold out for any of the dating sites online as most guys are just looking for the one thing, even though they say in their profile that they are looking for a relationship etc don't always seem to be true.

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