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The breed we know today is, like most purebreds, a more recent development.Mentions of smooth-tailed spaniels from Ireland include a gift of one from Queen Elizabeth I’s spymaster Sir Robert Cecil to the King of France in 1598.If you’re not a hunter, channel his energy into dog sports such as agility, flyball and flying disc games, or take him on as your jogging or bicycling buddy. In the field, the IWS retrieves well on land and, naturally, from water.He has a talent for finding downed birds thanks to his excellent eyesight.The IWS enjoys mental challenges as well and is a quick learner, but expect this sly devil to put his own spin on whatever you’re trying to teach.He can also be stubborn, so it’s important to find out what motivates him.The IWS is one of those breeds said to have an ancient history, supposedly dating to the Stone Age or the Bronze Age, based on dog skulls found by archaeologists at sites in Ireland and elsewhere in Europe.The truth is that while there may have been dogs that resembled the IWS throughout the ages, we don’t really know much about their beginnings.

His alert nature makes him an excellent watchdog, but he is not known for being a barker.Check with your vet before starting any exercise program with your dog -- especially anything strenuous.That said, if your vet gives the green light, daily regular activities for your IWS can include one to two hours of walking, running, hiking, or other vigorous activity, which can be broken up into several sessions.The IWS is a serious hunting dog, which means that he is smart, bold, curious and eager.Those are not always easy qualities in a dog; just the opposite, in fact.And the IWS does not have the same “Hail fellow, well met” personality as the Golden or the Lab.

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