Intimidating eratic driving tactics


Most experts agree that habitually avoiding something we’re afraid of tends to make us afraid in the long run.

My life was crippled by driving anxiety until I discovered how to “reprogram” my fearful reactions to driving.

I knew there were lots of other anxious drivers out there, so I turned my discovery into the Driving Peace program with the help of anxiety treatment specialist Andrew Cunningham.

I hope this article was helpful for your anxiety about driving on highways.

Let’s say you feel safe going 50MPH but you get nervous if you have to go 60MPH. Julie Cohen from Daily Strength suggests using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to handle these “psychological shifts” and broaden your comfort zone: I am anxious when driving on the freeway. Here’s some more ideas to try when driving at highway speeds: Successful recovery from driving anxiety is ultimately about facing your fears.

It’s about learning new ways of thinking and reacting to the things about driving that scare you.

I lived in San Francisco for 2 years and I SO identify with what she says here: A Highway Phobic Meets Her Demon: Merging Traffic The only way she overcame her fear was to confront it. Learning to confront our driving anxiety is a common theme for successful recovery. I’ll give you some more info about overcoming avoidance in a bit, but for now, here’s some “quick fixes” that will make merging more manageable: This is VERY stressful, especially in heavy traffic.

What’s interesting is that most of our fear about driving faster is psychological. Something inside you has changed because you’ve left your speed “comfort zone”. It’s like a giant steel river, and every vehicle is a twig being swept along in a raging current.No wonder anxiety about driving on highways is one of the most common forms of driving fear. Avoiding them due to anxiety is not always possible.Many people feel dangerously exposed sweeping into a flood of highway traffic from some small tributary interchange.There’s definitely a confrontational aspect to highway driving, and it’s most intense while trying to navigate your way into the current.But remember, we'll shoot back," and, "When democracy turns to tyranny, the armed citizenry still gets to vote." Given that OCT's recent events have been an ugly mix of anger, violent threats and firearms, it is entirely believable that MDA members and others were intimidated by OCT's actions on November 9.

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