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It may struggle with usernames as they will show as misspells.

You can prevent this by announcing a user when they enter a room to register their name.

If your app requires COPPA or other compliance please contact the Community Sift team for a custom solution.

Find other options in the "Common Options" section.

Setup with Community Sift Enterprise focuses on much more granular control, automation, human moderation tools, reputation management, detailed reports, analytics, high scale, fraud and spam.

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Read more about filtering policies in the "Policies in Detail" section.Likewise, you also have the ability to limit the amount of contributions made by identified toxic users as they become non trusted.This helps decrease churn and it keeps your community engaging while also giving toxic users the opportunity to become positive contributors.Use the options common to the Photon Cloud Chat Filter Add-On and the Community-Sift Enterprise setup to fine-tune what your app client and players are being returned in your chat rooms.Filter Add-On is active Tick the checkbox to activate your filter settings.Chat Filter is a profanity filter add-on for Photon Chat applications.

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