Im naked


Anthony was playing Black Ops on the Xbox 360, when he tells Ian that Ashley is coming over to their house and tells him not to embarass him.

Ian comes in to sit next to Anthony, asking what kind of name is Ashley, all this, while he's naked.

He looks down, but he doesn't see he's naked; Then he tells it should be in the other jeans. / Cute Furry Kittens / TRON: Legacy *LEAKED FOOTAGE* / MY NEW HOT GIRLFRIEND / Best of 2010 Remix Smosh HOW TO HIDE A B0NER IN PUBLIC!

Anthony reenters the room, naked, just like the original ending.

Im naked-43Im naked-26

" Once again, Anthony reenters the door naked then Ashley comes in. / Male Model / The Haunting / Toy Airplane / Ian's Birthday / Santa is Real! / Smeagol Loves the Precious / Boxman 2.0 / I Love Lou Ferrigno!

Anthony tells him again, but Ian says that he's not going to fall for Anthony's "lies and tricks" again.

Anthony is at first confused, but Ian remembers the time Anthony said he bought non-fat milk.

/ Retarded Cats: The Movie / I Have a Secret Son / How to Survive a Burglary / So Many Hickeys!

An army of gay/nazi bikers make their engines roar and ride the way to pain/pleasure as sexual and sadistic symbols are intercut into the dazing chaos and rhythmic experiences of this ...

Anthony asks if he's sure, so Ian replies, "Yeah dude, it's like, I forgot to wear my watch but it's like three in the afternoon.

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