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Bernese Beatrix is several times bigger than Midge the cat, but the spirited feline refuses to let her disadvantage show in their regular 'pawboxing' contests.Their owner, Bambi Edlund, adopted Midge as a rescue kitten three years ago, and she struck up a lively friendship with five-year-old Beatrix just days after meeting.'It took all of two days for her and Bea to start their ongoing boxing match/gong show, and I even managed to catch the very first blow of round one on video.'Fortunately, neither of the pair have ever hurt each other during their daily bouts, and they have amassed more than 21,000 followers on Instagram.She was convinced that Sgt Smith, whose profile contained half-naked pictures of a soldier, was in Iraq.But months later, she visited a Cambridgeshire base where he claimed to be previously stationed – and no one had heard of him.After a fire breaks out, they hike for miles into the wilderness with chain saws and backpacks filled with heavy gear to build lines of protection between people and the blaze.

Nineteen firefighters were killed When they were found on Sunday, all 19 shelters were deployed but some of the men's bodies were inside their individual shelters, while others were outside - indicating just how suddenly they were overcome by the flames.

An estimated 200 homes and other structures burned in Yarnell and the Yarnell Fire Department and Yavapai County continued to assess the community on Tuesday.

'It still did not look as catastrophic as it turned out to be,' she said.

Brendan Mc Donough, 21, was serving as lookout and relaying key information to his team when the wildfire, in the forest outside the small town of Yarnell, suddenly changed direction and headed straight for the courageous men. He relayed Mc Donough's story at a Tuesday afternoon news conference.

He notified the other Hotshots that the weather was changing rapidly and told them the fire had switched direction because of the wind.

“I had to sell my house to pay my debts, my credit score is through the roof so I cannot have any credit, mortgage or overdraft.

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