Ideas for updating my brick fireplace


It isn’t high-end, big, or trendy – just a house that has all the components to fit with my personal style. If you can ice a cupcake and cut a French baguette in half with a bread knife then you have all the skills you need to create a stone façade just about anywhere in your home.The DIY project I completed for this post is getting that “house in my head” a little closer to reality. I gathered all the pamphlets to read when I got home.: My husband and I are in the process of acquiring this large brick fireplace (and it's home) that looks very late '70's.I think it makes the little family room seem dark, but I'm uncertain about the best way to update it.

Today, while talking to my mother she mentioned how we must need to bring more love to wherever we go. She has the most beautiful, kind and warm heart I’ve seen. I had a short talk to my mother and I’ve always told her how I admire her heart...updates to reflect those shades while still remaining classic and, hopefully, not costing tons of our hard-earned savings.Suggestions for refacing the brick or opinions about painted brick would help a lot!If you have been following my blog for awhile you may recall decorating photos that I have posted about what I call the “House In My Head”.

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