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not knowing it I was suffering from bipolar disorder …

If I wasn’t the victim, then someone else I knew had been through it. Thank you Justine…everyone should know the truth and you are, if not the best one of the best people to speak on it. Dating in the church was a very strange situation, I’ll let my friend tell her experience: “There is so much I can say about my experiences with that “church”, but I’m going to talk about my horrible “love” story.

That my leader is Mexican, and has a different style of teaching, and etiquette, and because he is my leader I need to respect and submit to him.

He knows there are problems in the (*blank*), Region but he’s choosing not to do shit about it! No one will listen to me, it’s like I’m the only one that sees people sleeping around, dressing inappropriately, and being two-faced hypocrites.

The two of us became lab rats that were put on pedestals in a bazaar cult universe. I didn’t care at the time, I was just happy and in love.

Not much changed in our relationship once we were official, except I no longer had to go on dates with other brothers, (woo hoo! But when I say we were lab rats, this is what I mean: We were each told, separately of course, to wait to kiss until the other kissed first, completely eliminating kissing all together.

The same people that I have seen living double lives are the same people who told me that I was in sin for liking the link you posted of your blog, which speaks the truth, that I better take it down because I am going to hell and I am making these poor kids who are dropping out of college because they are being brainwashed, struggle. Reading your posts brings back so many (bad) memories! I’ve made it my goal to never feel that way again, or subject my children to anything that would make them feel that way.” Over the years as I have run into ex members of ICOC and grown up Kingdom Kids, and many have since become parents, most of them have expressed concern over raising their own children the way Kingdom Kids were raised.

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