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We're not saying you should pressure your partner into talking about his plans for marriage and children, but we do believe that whether he openly talks about them or you ask directly, you should know his dreams, goals, and aspirations. Fionna and Jimmy - This famous amateur couple is funny to watch and Fionna sure delivers everytime a great live sex show.That means that you're not just info-dumping the events of your day and then vegging out on the couch.It means you actually have conversations with your partner about things that matter in your life.

Do you and your honey chit chat about the weather and random details of your work day... claims that people are happier when they spend more time discussing meaningful topics than engaging in small talk.Seventy-nine college students had their conversations recorded and analyzed by researchers, who distinguished between chit-chat about the food or the weather from discussions about philosophy, education, or religion.Subjects who reported the greatest amount of satisfaction spent only 10 percent of their conversation on small talk, while the unhappiest subjects kept 28.3 percent of their talking time in the shallow end. Either way, we started thinking about how important "real conversation" is in relationships. It was only a matter of time before we needed apps to keep us happy in our relationships. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that yet because as an extreme extrovert, I really need human interaction. I had no idea there were so many apps for sex and relationships.However, as a social media maven, I would love to have an app for all the things. Honestly, some of them are pretty sweet and could be really helpful.69 Places lets you keep track of where you hook up. Source: i Tunes I use Hey Tell with my friends, but you can use it with your boyfriend or girlfriend too! Instead of sending a text or calling, you can send quick messages so your boo can hear your voice.

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