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Whether you’re single by choice or recently experienced a break-up, February 14 is still a Friday and that’s reason enough to go out.

For the heartbroken, make the cathartic journey to Amsterdam’s Oude Kerk and pay a visit to the Museum of Broken Relationships where relics from past affairs are put on display to therapeutic effect. That’s the mantra behind the Singles Awareness Day movement.

Celebrate singledom and go to a cinema, hit a bar or club you’ve never been to, make a day trip with friends or party with the like-minded at Alphabet Club's Valentine Masquerade!

Romantic or not, make this Valentine’s Day a special one!

Or break with tradition and think about getting your cuddle buddy a Netflix subscription.

Recently made available in the Netherlands, Netflix offers thousands of movies and television shows on-demand.

Of course, there are also those who eat raw fish in the form of sushi, with little pieces fish being consumed a mouthful at a time…with chopsticks.

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In a country known for its love affair with botany and mastery of the chocolate trade, you’re certainly in luck.

In fact, it is so important to them, that they many now use special wall calendars used exclusively for making note of birthdays.

Equally as amusing, is that these Dutch birthday calendars are almost always hung in the bathroom! : People in other countries may be accustomed to having work colleagues do something special for them on their birthday, whether it be a cake, a gift or maybe even being treated to lunch on their special day.

Take advantage of this cocoa-flavoured entrepreneurial spirit and make sweets with your sweetheart at a chocolate workshop at De Bonte Koe in Rotterdam, Chocolaterie Van Dam in Heemsteede, or Unlimited Delicious in Amsterdam. Then head to the website of Tony’s Chocolonely where you can channel your inner cupid while creating a personalised wrapper for the one you love. With no shortage of flowers in the Netherlands, the challenge lies in choosing the right arrangement for your beloved.

With extensive selections of floral arrangements and English-language options available, both Euroflorist and Topbloemen are florist networks where you can place orders that are then filled and delivered by a local re-seller near you.

The connection between turning 50 and ‘seeing Abraham’ comes from the bible story and imbues the wisdom one is assumed to have by that time in his/her life (a man turning fifty is said to see ). BUT here’s the part that is…on the night before the person’s birthday, a giant blow up Abraham or Sarah is placed in front of the person’s house to ensure the birthday person actually does see Abraham (or Sarah) on their 50th.

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