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"I tried to pick songs that people request most when we play live, and then make sure it was balanced between slow and fast tunes." While reviewing tracks, some going back to the mid-'80s, Isaak says what struck him most was how lucky he has been to have the people he works with around him, such as producer Erik Jacobsen ("who taught me everything I know about making records, but not everything he knows"), longtime engineer Mark Needham, and his Silvertone bandmates, drummer Kenney Dale Johnson, bassist Rowland Salley, and guitarist Hershel Yatovitz, who have been with Isaak for years."People see my picture on the album covers and think, ' Chris goes into a room and he makes an album.' But I go into a room and make it with these guys, who've been supportive, and have good ideas and good energy." And to what does he attribute the longevity of his career?

Plus, it takes a while before you really want to compile everything.

Helena Christensen is a Danish born supermodel who got her first big break as an original ‘Victoria’s Secret Angel’.

Professionals in the industry became aware of her because of the success she had achieved as a beauty queen.

I owe Nicole Kidman a full body massage." So what were Isaak's criteria for a song's inclusion on the album?

"I wanted it to be a record that people want to listen to over and over," Isaak says.

She was awarded ‘Miss Denmark’ in 1986 and went on to compete in ‘Miss Universe’ that same year.

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