Heddon box dating


In between these two eras though saw the development of a hybrid system, known most frequently by the name that Plano assigned to the box, the Magnum.

Fenwick also manufactured a similar box around that time.

Partly this is due to the immediacy of the Internet and social networking, and the “on demand” society we seem to have become.

Nowadays, soft packs and individual accessory boxes seem to dominate the boats of anglers everywhere.

If you go way back in time, toward our early tournament beginnings, we were still using the old drawer boxes, or “suitcases” as some of them were affectionately known as.

Board attributed his win not just to sticking to his game plan but also to the use of a Bomber Speed Shad.

After that event, the Speed Shad became the predominant bait on both Gaston and Bugg’s (Kerr depending upon what side of the boarder you’re on) reservoirs.

The closest he came to that was the 1973 season where he fished five events.

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