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Kiha had had four other sons, Kaunuamoa, Makaoku, Kepailiula and Hoolana, whose descendants are the Kaiakea family of Molokai, distant relatives of Abraham Fornander's daughter.i and then copied by the other classes. The relationships cannot be defined as bisexuality.

in many cases the men involved felt it an honor and responsibility to honor their hana lawelawe.

Within five years, European military technology helped Kamehameha I conquer and unify the islands for the first time, establishing the Kingdom of Hawaii.

The kingdom was prosperous and important for its agriculture and strategic location in the Pacific.

Liloa's father ruled Hawaii as aliʻi nui and upon his death elevated Līloa.

Many had a royal bloodline, land and could leave their temples as warriors when needed, but could never relinquish their spiritual responsibilities.

Through a messenger of Kaoleioku, of Waipunalei, the high-priest of the temple of Manini, at Koholalele the two priests contacted Umi's court.

The history of the ancient Polynesians was passed down through genealogy chants that were recited at formal and family functions.

The genealogy of the high chiefs could be traced back to the period believed to be inhabited only by gods.

The new order included new laws and a new social structure that separated the people into classes.

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