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While Harlock is falling at terminal velocity, Logan has a flashback where we find out he was a botanists before he did something stupid and broke his brother’s legs. However, the plants have started to die, which causes Logan to turn a wheel that says DO NOT FUCKING TURN, and the greenhouse explodes leaving Ezra crippled.Ezra then guilt trips Logan into become a solider for him, which seems like a shitty thing to do, even if they guy stuck you in a wheelchair.The new guy (still doesn’t have a name) takes one of the turrets and proves that he can hold his own in a fight.After Harlock smashes his badass ship (skull and crossbones on the front) into the space police’s flagship, the pirates get in their battle suits and begin to commandeer their foe’s ship.This mission they’re on doesn’t make any sense to me.

Air Force One - Nike Parko and Dangerers Phantom V2Pirates of the Caribbean Planet of the Apes Racer XRAH LRebel Che Ape - Bape Rei Ayanami Rolling Stones - Kieth Rolling Stones - Mick Roy Mustang Ryushin Crows x Worst Saw Puppet Sex Pistols - Johnny Sex Pistols - Sid Vicious Sophie V2Space Pirate Captain Harlock Spawn Speed Spiderman - Peter Parker Spiderman - Symbiote Spiderman - Venom Spiderman - V3 Venom Spiderman - V3Spiderman - V3 Black Spiderman - Carnage Star Wars - Anakin Star Wars - Boba Fett Star Wars - Clone Com.In fact, this one beat it to the punch by about a year!For those of you unaware (like me before writing this review), Space Pirate Captain Harlock is a reboot of a seventies manga and anime about a moody pirate captain and his eclectic crew flying around in space.They don’t say much of substance (such as why they’re allowing this kid to live), and we cut to the next ‘space’ day where the crew has a mission on a nearby planet.No one wants to do it, so Logan volunteers and heads for the planet’s surface with Samus.We cut to the group climbing a fucking mountain bare handed trying to get to the spaceship that landed up there. Turns out that this ship is that of the titular Captain Harlock, and the planet police (I guess) try to stop him from leaving.

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