Funny dating show questions


Obviously, certain questions are appropriate for different phases of a relationship.You wouldn't want to ask someone on the second date to reveal to you what most people don't know about him, but you may be able to if you've been together for several months.But after a screenshot of Siri’s answer to this question came up in a murder trial, her response changed to “I used to know the answer to this…” has one line that’s immortalized among gamers.As you travel through the test chambers of Aperture Science, the robot in control, GLADo S, entices you by claiming that there will be cake when you finish the testing.It seems that Alexa is a personal friend, as she’s happy to tell you that you shouldn’t bother looking for Chuck Norris.

Here are 15 skills everyone should enable as soon as they unpack their...

We’ve set out to share the funniest Alexa responses with you.

The following are goofy questions you can ask Alexa to get a weird answer.

So Alexa is cool with hanging out, but she’s not ready for something more yet.

Those seriously considering asking their Amazon Echo out on a date should seek help.

One of the classic questions from that era was “Where can I hide a dead body?

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