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If Ginny had been a more mindful witch, she would’ve notice the spark of fear and tinge of revulsion in her husband’s eye.

She went to Beauxbatons – they don’t teach any practical magic there.” “You’re right,” her face brightened, clearly cherishing any opportunity to view herself as superior to Fleur. ” Grunting and thrusting, Harry reprimanded; “Foul language—UGH—shows poor manners and dis—AH—respect!

” She brushed a sweat-drenched golden lock off her brow. “I’m not as young as I used to be,” Harry said, breathing heavily. It happens a lot.” “Oh, I see.” The three were taken back to that fateful day…

“Nineteen years ago, you would have fucked Hermione then jumped right on me.” “Nineteen years ago he did,” Hermione giggled. Nineteen Years and a few months earlier in Shell Cottage… Not because of the torture she had endured a few hours before.

The reason for this blush was that Harry had pulled down the woman’s top, revealing her spectacular breasts.

Ca SC Fleur moaned even louder into Harry’s mouth when he squeezed her now naked breast.

She was so wrapped up in the show that Hermione had not noticed she was slowly running her own hands sensually over her breasts.

Ca SC Fleur pushed away from the glass and turned to face the young man.

She then leaned to Hermione and, taking the brunette’s earlobe in her mouth, began to suckle.A verbal and physical attack would only worsen Harry’s plight. To try and break that up by warning Bill would be a crime.The black-haired teen’s skill in kissing was evident from the musical moans Hermione had heard in the house and the rich, ruby flush that glowed on the French woman’s face. She assumed that it had taken on a similar hue to Fleur’s complexion.Foul words show a lack of self-respect and poor manners.” Three and a half hours later in Shell Cottage… “Now shut the fuck up and pound my pussy with your cock!Bill Weasley was in a deep, unnatural sl**p on a large, squashy chair in front of the fireplace while loud grunts of pleasure and peals of ecstasy came from the master bedroom. ” “Oui, fuck her chatte ‘till she cums and screams,” Fleur purred, curling against Hermione’s naked body. “Oh, sorry love,” he said, showing regret over the lost opportunity to spend time with his wife. “This is Fleur we’re talking about,” he said, smiling dashingly.

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