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It gives students a strong, Biblical foundation on which to build their lives in the image that God has wisely designed for them.DOCTRINE This course focuses on the doctrines of God's Word.Written in a sequence of sevens (perfection), students will learn the significance of the seven spirits of God, the seven seals, the seven trumpets, the seven lamps, the seven eyes, the seven horns, and others.The glorious victory of the saints, the presence of a new heaven and earth, and the final chapter for the enemy are all packaged in this wonderful review of the last book of the Bible.It is interesting that the word “heart” is used here.

Raising a standard for character and integrity in each student is foremost throughout this practical guide to Christian interactions CHURCH HISTORY Students will review the lives of some of the historical church leaders and events surrounding them to gain an appreciation for the successes and failures that have shaped the present day church.

Students are taught the principles of street witnessing along with an understanding of the "to do's" in touching lost souls.

(This is a course taught by guest ministry to first, second, and third year students.) POETICAL BOOKS A survey of both the Major and Minor Prophetical books of the Old Testament.

We can actually lose the desire for those things we thought were so important to us through this process of change.

We grow spiritually stronger—and strong is very, very good.

PASTORAL EPISTLES Paul's letters to Timothy offer great insight into the challenges of the early Church as well as some practical keys for establishing men and women of God into the ministry.

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