Free dom sex chat bot

The startups come up with a chatbot that provides information about sexual health.

Sophiebot also focuses on AI and has built a chatbot that answers questions about sexual and reproductive health in real time.

The gender ‘gender-neutral virtual assistant’, uses AI and machine learning to provide a personalised service for customers, and was first rolled out as a pilot to selected customer in March.

Trip Advisor, the world’s biggest review site, launched its chatbot to provide people with new ways to request advice and receive recommendations for things like attractions, restaurants, flights and hotels.

The solution helps relieve awkwardness surrounding discussions and discourse around SRH, particularly in the conservative African setting.

Sophie Bot, which was part of the Nailab and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) i Accelerator last year addresses the lack of information on the delicate topic of sexual health and gives answers in real-time about any issues concerning sexual and reproductive health.

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