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The camera instantly showed the police that he was not to blame, and Mr Doyle says the camera has another benefit.

If we have dash-cam footage, we can turn the whole thing around in about 72 hours.

It came in the form of a blue Vauxhall Astra that shot out of a side road at an estimated 30 to 40mph, and careered into the path of Mr Pettifor's truck.

Despite slamming on the brakes, there was no way he could avoid the Astra, and the massive Chevrolet ploughed straight into the side of the little Astra at exactly 22mph.

You're well aware that you can incriminate yourself if you drive badly, and because you're aware it's there, it calms you down a bit.''I think people with dash cams drive more responsibly,' he says.

'When you know you're being recorded, you slow down, and that extra second can often help you avoid an accident, or lessen its impact.

That's a huge difference, and we can pass on the savings to our customers by offering discounted policies.'Such cameras clearly also save the police an enormous amount of time, and make it easier to track down drivers who have left the scene of an accident.

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