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**Tip if you aren’t interested: Start ignoring her questions, pretend you can’t hear her, give her one word answers; really, the sky is the limit here, so go nuts. Making An Exit: By this point, we’ve already given you our number, made vague plans to meet again and completed most of the moves on this list. She’s already leaving; you’re already past the hard part. All women have different ways they like to flirt, but these 10 techniques are some of the most common you’ll come across.

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The next chance of rain in the forecast isn't until next Sunday night into Monday.

Long Island is about to get a little taste of summer in May.

Temperatures will challenge record highs this week, just days after many locals cranked up the heat in their homes.

It was 28 degrees both days in 1960, and 28 again on Dec. Owners of pets should keep them inside when there’s a threat of freezing, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.

The weather service forecast a low of 46 in Modesto on Wednesday night, which will bring a 50 percent chance of rain.

But jealousy should be taken as a compliment, because if we aren’t extremely jealous of every girl moving in on you, we just aren’t interested.

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