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The usage of “f–k you money” tracks the S&P 500 with an impressive degree of correlation.There’s the same boom in the mid-’80s before the drop around ’87, and a steep and steady climb in the late ’90s before a decline beginning in 2002. But at some point between Red Buttons and the Showtime show That makes sense.

Google Books, which searches an extensive digitized catalog, shows a printed debut in 1971 in , a book by Earl Wilson, a gossip columnist who was known for exposing JFK’s broad interpretation of his marital vows.

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In some circles, the wealth required to burn any bridge you want has a name: “f–k you money.” That’s because, well, backed by the First Amendment and a large fortune, you can yell that without consequences to pretty much anyone, save for a judge, a plumber, or a tax assessor.

The term pops up often in popular culture—for example, memorably employed by the actor John Goodman in the 2014 film For many people, f–k you money is the essence of success.

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