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They both started patting, stroking and saying nice things to the ponies that were there by this side of the barn/stable.This time Angel seemed fine with me and she politely introduced herself and told me her name was Angel which I already knew by now of course.She had come down for a few weeks in the school holidays to help with the harvest and earn an extra few quid too.They were called Julie and Angel, Angel was the one I really fancied although Julie was very nice too and there wasn’t much in it between them, although to be honest they were both a little too young for me, but they were both so cute.When I finally plucked up the courage to speak to Angel she turned out to be a right stuck up little madam and she gave me a real hard time and in the end I walked away from her because she made me feel really silly, stupid and small, all I really wanted to do was get to talk and get to know her.I had thought that they were sisters as they were both blonde and they both looked so much alike,, they both dressed really sexy with short skirts and low cut tops flashing there beautiful ample breasts.

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