Extreme dating the tv show

“It’s from simpler times and there’s something lovely about the recognisable format that nostalgia freaks will love revisiting,” Flynn tells me. It made me laugh and it gave me a lift, and I think there’s room for something like that on TV at the moment. And if your heart doesn’t flutter watching that screen go back, you’re dead inside.” Describing their update as “lovely, cheesy, funny and heartwarming”, she stresses, “it’s still very much a family show.” So an irony-free zone it remains, but with Irish contestants in the mix the cringe factor is higher than ever.I’m intrigued to see how it will sit with a millennial audience reared not on the wink wink, nudge nudge innocence of Blind Date, but on its vulgar offspring, Take Me Out.

How about getting six people to hang around with each other but having to keep a part of your body in one of somebody else's orifices for seven days? The last person other than the leader left on the chain should be the person the leader fancies the most.So to paraphrase Bill Hicks, the nostalgia dollar is a big dollar right now.We long for the cosy fog of childhood to envelop us again, sheltering us from the realities of political and economic instability.We’ve entered a world of extreme dating, extreme TV, and extreme dating on TV.In an era of Tinder hookups and dick pics, going on TV to find love certainly won’t raise any eyebrows, but post-Naked Attraction and Love Island, watching to see if a couple reveal they indulged in a quick snog seems positively quaint.Debuting this weekend, TV3 will air it at 9pm on Sunday rather than the traditional Saturday night post-bath slot it enjoyed on ITV, but other than that, the format is frighteningly familiar.

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